About Me

Joselin is a New York based actor. She is a native New Yorker born and raised in the Bronx to Dominican parents. Her love of acting and story telling began at the age of 4 when her family’s evening ritual was to watch NOVELAS. “I was mesmerized by people living so realistically in a fantasy world.” Acting became my obsession and my mission.

Instead she received a masters degree in Social Work from Fordham University where she graduated summa cum laude because her parents did not believe in an education in the arts. She secretly and simultaneously studied at the William Esper Studios, The Barrow Group, Heidi Marshalls’ On Camera Class and extensively with L.A based coach Diana Castle. She has been a member of the Labyrinth Theater company for over 12 years.

 “I was mesmerized by people living so realistically in a fantasy world.” 

Between acting gigs and bookings she works at a New York based hospice agency as a licensed Social Worker. A gig she loves and provides enriching and deep character study opportunities, but her number one passion is storytelling through the medium of TV and film. With over 10 years of TV and stage experience, she has the determination and attitude of a seasoned professional who is always eager to grow, collaborate and have fun. She remains headstrong about fulfilling her mission as an actor who dismantles stereotypes and serves as a catalyst for peace.



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